Rotor SPACAbout Us

Business Strategy

Our business strategy is to identify and complete initial business combinations with companies that can take advantage of our experience and benefit from our sourcing, investing, governance, public market and value-creation expertise. Our selection process will capitalize on our extensive and unique networks of relationships to both source transactions as well as implement operational and growth strategies. These networks have been developed through our well-established experience in private and public market investing, global financial services and government where we have demonstrated a distinct combination of capabilities including:

  • Broad and deep relationships with a range of sellers such as private equity and venture capital firms, entrepreneurs, leading companies, active and retired executives, bankers, deal professionals, and financing providers to source ideas and targets
  • Deep investment experience, in particular in the consumer and industrial sectors, with a focus on leveraging technology to drive transformational change in legacy businesses
  • Extensive history of serving on public and private boards and working with companies to effect change
  • Proven execution ability in complex acquisitions, private equity and business operations, having collectively advised on well over $100 billion of mergers and acquisitions and managed over $100 billion in investment funds
  • Deep experience and relationships across the capital markets to position companies and help management teams transition from private to public ownership

Acquisition Criteria

Companies that we look to acquire should have many of the following general criteria:

Have a leading positions within their industry

Can benefit from our team’s expertise

Can capitalize on disruptive technologies

Have products or services focused on a large total addressable markets

Are highly capital efficient, with substantial returns on invested capital

Have the potential to deploy capital for strategic growth

Have preparedness for, and can benefit from, being public

Present unique opportunities for asymmetric risk-reward profile

Illustrate substantial growth potential with positive end market trends

Have a strong and innovative management teams aligned with shareholder interest